When I got used the mud and mosquitoes, I found that this Mangrove business wasn’t too bad. The opportunity to do something useful for the environment and to learn and challenge myself at the same time.

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Day 4 - Evening

We were lucky to be hosted by the Daintree Eco Village – for the evening meal. At tad more fancy than the lovely crocdillis. We were provided a room with a bathroom so we could clean our mud covered bodies and make ourselves look a tad presentable.

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Day 4

Waypoint 305 – A day of recording -Thursday

Some might consider today a tad more restful. Recording data of the Mangroves shoreline from the comfort of the boat. It was a day of learning. We learning recording using clipboards, photos, GPS tracker and a video camera. There was no time to relax or even ease off for a moment without going unnoticed. We all had a job to do; mine was to photograph the shoreline – up stream, downstream and on the boat.

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Day 3

A day of rest (almost). Wednesday

We started the day with entering data, I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant but we managed to work in pairs and enter the data collected on the previous two days into a prepared excel sheet. It gave us a bit of meaning to the data collection and an understanding of how to better record in the future.

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Day 2

Didn’t want to get out the boat –would you? Tuesday

After boarding our boat to commute up to the Mangrove Plot – we sat stunned as we watched one of the local residents – Croco the Croc swim across the 100m width of the magnificent Daintree River. Luckily, he was heading away from us.

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Day 5

The end is near – all is not always as it seems. Friday

Mixed feelings on the last day of Mangrove watch. We would be leaving tomorrow and looking forward to going home to our families but, sadly, we were leaving our new friends and our week of adventure. We spent the morning continuing or shoreline observations which meant this time we travelled out towards the sea. It was a fabulous morning and we concluded with our last plot observations.

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Day 1

 A Day in the Daintree – Monday 7th May

Look out – Crocydysis Ecco Friendly Village is on the mountain ranges above the beautiful Daintree River, in Cow Bay. Therefore, as we ventured down today to the River this was our first stop. Magnificent views from above the River.

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