Lesson Plans Mr Lobb

General Activities       WHO CARES ABOUT MANGROVES.... Watch this one minute video and this two minute video to see why you should care...  
Daintree River Mangrove Location General project

Using Google maps locate the following:

Cairns airport, Daintree Crocodylus (accomodation), Upper and Lower Daintree

Research transport methods for getting from Wollongong to Daintree Crocodylus

A catchement area is defined as "the area from which rainfall flows into a river" What is the catchment area of; the Daintree River, Lake Burragorang, Minnamurra River?

Discover the average annual rainfall for the Daintree and compare it with the Illawarra's average rainfall... similar?


Watch the below videos to see information on research conducted in 2012

Mangrove Watch 2012

Mangrove Watch Gladstone

 Local Illawarra Mangroves  

One of our jobs has been to estimate the height of trees. We use a hypsometer worth thousands but there are apps that do the same thing. Download the free app/s “hypsometer” and “object height”. With Miss Hamilton’s permission, as a class, you could go and measure the height of some of the trees in the schools forest. The highest mangrove measured today on the Daintree river was 18 metres!!

 What mangroves exist in the Illawarra? Where is the closest one to SAC?  
 Use google maps and six maps (Six maps) to estimate the area of the Minnamurra Mangroves  

 Canoeing the Minnamurra Mangroves... visit this waterways guide (Canoe Guide) and list the factors you would need to consider in order to paddle up the estuary? Examine an online tide chart and chose the next appropriate saturday that this paddle could be completed

Talk to friends and list as many different activities that occur in the catchment area of the Minnamurra River.




Biology Activities Chemistry Activities

1. Research  definitions for mangrove, estuary, brackish water

 1. It is said humans are increasing the CO2 in the atmosphere. List 5 ways.

Extension- Write the balanced symbolic equation for the incomplete combustion of Octane. What fuel is primarily octane?

2. Visit the below websites and read the adaptations of mangroves listed

 Mangrove Adaptations

Mangrove Adaptations II

Mangrove Information PDF (page 2)

Choose a particular adaptation of interest to you and conduct further investigations into the features at the cellular level

Today 7/5 we learnt that mangrove leaves have small hairs that convert humidity to to water for consumption (often mangroves don't get their water from the salt water they are living in!)

 2. CO2 can be absorbed into water.

a) write the equation to show the carbonic acid equilibrium

b) How does dissolved  CO2 affect the pH (acidity of water)


3. Open the below PDF, go to page 9, examine the diagram of mangrove animals, go to page 15 and use that as a guide to create a viable food web. Compare your food web to the suggested one on page 16

Mangrove Information PDF

 3. Define "Blue carbon" and explain how the word blue relates to the meaning of blue carbon

 4. Reasons for mangrove death

Watch this video then research causes of mangrove" die back"

ABC Mangrove Death in Northern Australia

 4. It is often stated that mangroves store more carbon than other forest (on a per hectare rate). Read the below articles and summarise how/why they store more carbon

ABC Science Mangrove Carbon Storage