Orama Public School Class Work Sample

Wow! I can't believe you did this. What a great brainstorming session you must have had.

Thankyou for working hard on the lesson plans I left with Mrs G.T.

School lesson plan work

Orama Public School Lesson Plan 1




    Locating Ms Anforth’s Expedition on Google Maps:

    Whole Class/IWB: (Students to fill in individual tables with discussion details as required.)

    1. On Google Maps locate each of the six locations/areas in the table.
    2. As you locate each one discuss according to the column headings and agree on details to enter in the table. More details may be included as the week/unit progresses.
    3. You may work in pairs and share your ideas but each student must complete a worksheet.

    Lesson 1: Mapping and Discussion Table       

    Location Name

    Global or Relative Location

    Possible Climate

    Typography (General to Specific)

    Possible Plants (research)







    Keswick Island


    St Bees Island


    Orama Public School


    Brainstorm any other terms that may be used

    e.g.: in relation to  hemisphere, tropic of …, Part of Australia, NE,  relative to Australian coastline etc.

    Hot/mild/cold, wet/dry, snow,

    tropical …

    Mountainous, flat, rivers, valleys, marsh,

    Wind resistant, high water needs, trees/shrubs, bird/reptile/mammal

Orama Public School Lesson Plan 2

Lesson 2: Orama Public School Local Flora     

  1. With a partner, find a location in the school grounds with at least 4 different types of plants
  2. For each plant fill in the following table
  3. Take a photo of the plant with a digital camera for printing later
  4. In “Location” column, note whether shady, sunny or partial

Location plant found (e.g. near Nathan’s shed)

Height approx

Draw any Flowers or seed

Detailed leaf drawing

Drawing of whole plant (put a human – stick figure -  next to it to show height)