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What do teachers do at St Bees at night?

flow chart


Well obviously we eat dinner. Less obvious, we clean up after ourselves. Then, just when we want to relax our lovely ecologist makes us get our brains active again!

We spent most evenins discussing the history of St Bees and how that had had an effect on the landscape. This included indigenous people using fire, farmers grazing sheep, cattle and horses, a wild goat population (how did that get there ...), wallabies and koalas (not native to the island) and National Park practices. We also looked at how climate change may impact the flora of the island and at some of the weeds now growing happily on this beautiful spot and how they may have gained access. Of course, being an ecosystem we added another aspect ... looking at who/what predates on each other ... food webs. This history helped us to understand why the island is like it is today. Over this we started to lay the current political considerations and ... then we went to sleep.

core values planning

We did actually go to sleep because it was around 9pm on one night and 10pm another. What our TEAM (what a great team we were) ended up with was a contextual framework (I like to call them a mindmap) of Key Values and areas that interact with those key values.

Guess what 3-6? We are going to use this system in class and you will love it because you will all get your say and have it recorded. I won't make you stay at school till 9pm though.

farewell st bees panorama

On Saturday morning we packed up and said a quiet goodbye to our home away from home. I also practiced my panorama photographic skills again. The place is as beautiful as this photograph suggests.

farewell flight

This was our little aeroplane (5 seater) waiting to take one load of tired but energised teachers back to the mainland.

Even though two major team members had departed the rest of us continued to work on Saturday afternoon. Thank you to all of my team for sharing your ideas and experiences and I hope to stay in touch through Earthwatch (yes Dominique we ALL want to come back) or other forums. 

Happy teaching ... in the great outdoors.

Ms A.