To sea or not to see

I have spent the best part if the last two days diving in and out of very low visibility water. Visibility has been so low that I can't even see my hand in front of my face as I dive to the sea floor. It has been interesting to hear from more experienced divers how they feel about the low visibility. As they are used to diving in clear water, they find it rather disconcerting diving in the muddy, turbid water of Moreton Bay. Because I don't know any different, I launch into the water, swim blindly to the bottom and grab whatever it is I can find.

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Sledding for seagrass?

Today was a full day of sledding. The 'sled' was a contraption that looked a little like a sled and had curved edges that we dropped off the mothership, Velella. Attached to the sled was a GoPro and another camera that gave us a live feed of the sea floor. The sled looks like this:

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Attack of the Mullet

Day 2 in the field started early...very early. I'm not too sure why QLD has not adopted daylight savings. It feels as though the sun rises at about 5am - which it DOES. Not to matter, we had to be out the door at about 6.30am anyway.

The activity I was rostered on for today was to set up bait and video cameras in different spots around the bay. The first task was to set the bait in these little cages. It involved crushing the fish with our fingers to spill the guts in order to make it a more appetising meal for any marine animals looking for a feed. We then had to find the perfect spot to drop the 'trap'.

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Fields on the land impact fields on the sea floor.

If I thought yesterday was about as hectic as it was going to get, then I have been seriously misled! Saturday was a full day of travelling to North Stradbroke Island, meeting the scientists and getting my head in the research space.  

From a geographer's perspective, the excitement pretty much started as soon as the plane left the ground. It was a beautifully clear day for flying which gave me an opportunity to see how land cover and land use changed as the plane flew north.

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