Tidal currents and lost fins

Today some of us started on the catamaran dropping a sled with a camera attached off the back. The advantage of this is that you can collect data from greater depths and that the research team don't get as tired. 

In the afternoon I went out on Tender (the small boat) and collected some more samples. We were collecting samples in an intertidal zone. An intertidal zone is an area of foreshore that is above water when it is at low tide and below water at high tide. I borrowed some fins for a deeper dive and unfortunately one of them slipped off! Because the tide was going out it was gone in seconds. Lucky that Andre was very understanding and didn't get angry.

Lots of people spotted dugongs today, unfortunately I didn't see one. Dugongs are hard to spot as they only come out of the water for about five seconds for air and blow like a whale. They can then go under for 15-20 minutes before they need the next breath. Maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

When I got back to the main boat I Face timed Ms Houston and she showed me around the staff room to say hi to all the teachers at school.