Our School: A Westgarth Primary Overview

Westgarth Primary students develop independence, confidence, persistence and problem-solving skills in a stimulating, creative and caring environment.  

Westgarth Primary School, in Northcote's "Westgarth pocket", is a classic local school. Over 600 students learn in 27 classes under the guidance of 37 teachers and approximately 12 support staff. There's been a school on the site since 1924, when Westgarth Central School was founded.  

Westgarth Primary prides itself on providing students with a dynamic learning environment in a friendly community atmosphere. At Westgarth Primary school you will be welcomed by a supportive community that values the partnership between home and school. Our school song says “Kids, Parents, Teachers working hand-in-hand”, and our aim is to foster a highly engaged school community that values co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect.  

Our schooling philosophy

At Westgarth Primary we provide educational opportunities that develop and foster in children:

•  A love of learning in an environment of cooperation
•  Positive social and emotional wellbeing
•  Confidence, persistence, independence and interdependence
•  High-level communication and thinking skills
•  Skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
•  Awareness, appreciation and active involvement in the arts
•  Co-ordination and an enjoyment of physical activity and sport 
•  A caring attitude towards, and a sense of responsibility for, both our local and global environments

Andy is the first member of a Westgarth Primary School staff to be selected for a Teachlive Expedition.