About North Melbourne Primary School

North Melbourne Primary School is an innovative inner-city school of almost 750 students, situated on the edge of the CBD. With such convenient access to programs at the Royal Children’s Hospital, University of Melbourne, The Queen Victoria Market and the small businesses of North Melbourne and Parkville, the school stands in a unique position of being able to draw on its position to increase learning opportunities for all of its students. 

In addition to highly praised Specialist programs in Art, Music, Italian, Sport and Gardening, the school was also one of the first adopters of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program and continues to serve as a flagship example of this unique opportunity. Teachers run a variety of extra programs during lunch and play times, including drama, craft, skateboarding and Eco-Warrior clubs.

The school utilises 21st century, data-proven approaches to learning such the use of flexible learning spaces for Grades 3 - 6. Staff and students have a great respect for another and are constantly challenging each other to improve and succeed in all that they do.


The North Melbourne Primary School philosophy is underpinned by the following beliefs and practices:

    All children can learn

    Learning outcomes will be maximised when children feel safe, connected and engaged at school

    Students are encouraged to be active and self-directed in their learning

   Our school values are reflected within all we do

Mission Statement

Guaranteed extraordinary learning opportunities for students, providing a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching.


Students will contribute positively to their local, national and global communities.


We value being: