About Rowville Primary School

Rowville Primary School is a dynamic, caring and supportive learning environment that provides outstanding opportunities for all students. Established in 1973, Rowville Primary School aims to provide the best education possible through exemplary staff performance, program diversity, exceptional facilities and regular upgrades to our school environment.

As well as encouraging our students to develop academic skills we also aim to nurture the development of good citizenship. We teach our students to show respect for themselves, other people and the school as a whole.

The values of the school demonstrated by the students ensure that Rowville Primary School is a safe, supportive and exciting place to learn and grow.

Our Values are:

• Doing your best • Resilience • Understanding and Inclusion • Integrity • Care and Compassion • Responsibility

Digital Technology is a major priority in preparing the students for the future at Rowville Primary School. The digital technology used aims to enhance student’s creativity, imagination, ability to work with others and communication skills. We achieve this by ensuring the Digital Technology offered to the students is easily accessible and allows for flexible learning opportunities.

We also offer an exceptional Performing Arts and Sports program that aims to inspire the students’ creativity and imagination, and promote and develop active, healthy children.