About Port Fairy Consolidated School



Port Fairy Consolidated Primary is a vibrant School found on the coast in South West Victoria.   Our teaching and learning programs encompass Literacy, Numeracy, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, PE, Music and Environmental Science. Our students undertake a diversity of curriculum experiences that provide holistic learning opportunities and caters for student diversity. 

Our Environmental Science program builds scientific literacy and understanding. We combine scientific knoweledge with active hands on learning. Our students are involved in fieldwork which explores intertidal marine ecosystems, bushland, wetland and esturine habitats. We are a living breathing sustainable school with a ResourceSmart 5 star sustainability rating. We create our own energy from our solar and wind energy systems and grow our own food for kitchen garden and our school cafe.  We celebrate indigneous culture of the Kirrae Whurrong and the Peek Whurrong people and intertwine global diversity of cultural learning into all curriculum areas.  We are actively involved with our community working with endangered species programs such as Orange Bellied Parrots. Migratory birds Lathams Snipe and Short-tailed Shearwaters and coastally threatened species of the Hooded Plovers. We seasonally investigate the intertidal rocky shore communities at Pea Soup and Killarney. Our work involves students monitoring and learning about individual species, habitats and ecosystem interactions.