Blog 9 - Muddy sand, sandy mud, rocky sand, muddy rock, sand and mud, sand and rubble

Today was a day of further challenging myself as well as relaxing. I learnt a lot more about seagrass and the interconnection between dirty water and clean water, and ironically dirty water is the best for fish and fisheries.

 AndyTendor Happy1  BackOfTheBoat 
 Andy, the legend, going out to sample seagrass before his accident.  Feeling happy and telling jokes with the crew.  Back of the boat with Glaucus, the other boat, trailing behind.

In the afternoon we sailed. I learnt about tacking, head and main sails and how to put them up and down.

CrazyScientistJames   JamesSailing1  SunOnWater
 MAD scientist, James, he is not really mad just loves what he does.  James, teacher, tacking while we sailed the bay.  Sun on the water from the back of the beach.


We collected some great footage from the previous day. I also got more war wounds.

TURTLE  WatchingFootage1  WarWoundMore 
 The footage caught a turtle in action.  Watching the footage with skipper and scientist Paul.  More bruising on my arms from jumping in and out of the boat.