Blog 8 - Reflecting on the journey

I've spend some time today reflecting on my experiences from this week...





 1 - on the tender (small dinghy)

Beautiful clear water.

 A very enthusiatic scientist, James, telling us every thing he knows about sea grass.

The cold wind.

Not seeing a dugong.

That field work research is not sexy or glamous, not that I thought it was, but I discovered it was exactly the opposite.
 2 - on the Velella (Big Boat)

 Relaxing in the sun.

 Seeing the images from the seabed and learning more about using technology to monitor and collect data.

Seeing dugongs in the distance

Feeling seasick in the afternoon


 When will I see a dugong up close???
 3 - on the Glaucus (bigger dinghy)

The walk through the Mangroves.

Seeing a dugong close to the boat.

Collecting all the cameras and not losing the bait bags.

Dealing with the dead pilchers. I avoided squashing them up and putting them in the bags.

Quote of the day "This feels like a dog with its head out the window" - Andy.

Thinking about the use of other species (pilcher bait) for research.

4 - Tender in the morning, Velella in the arvo

 That I drived for more than an hour.

 I was confortable outside my comfort zone.

 I had a great time with James and Andrea.

 James is an inspirational MAD scientist.

 The mud

Thinking about how to embed what I've learnt into the curriculum at school, especially how and where to do field work. 

If wish I had done something like this when I was younger because I could imagine myself as a marine scientist or biologist (BUT I'M STILL SCARED OF SHARKS!)

5 - on the Glaucus      

*Note - this is a work in progress, I will add ideas as they come to me.