Blog 7 - The best day so far - except for the dead pilchers ;(

Today was the best day so far. I wouldn't ever pick this to do as a holiday activity but it was lots of fun. We placed cameras on the seagrass meadows alongside the Mangroves. We explored the Mangrove forest and saw lots of liny crabs and learnt about the different species of Mangrove - we even licked a few to taste the salt the expel through their leaves.  We also learnt about how they breathe in the mud but sending up roots that stick up from the ground like a mini forest. We then went back to collect our submerged cameras...hopefully there will be some cool footage of creatures munching on the pilchers (the dead fish bait we used).


Before lunch we snorkelled along a small coral reef. I've seen some of the Great Barrier Reef which is spectacular, but this was still pretty cool, especially the brain coral and some of the small colourful fish.

After lunch my team sampled more seagrass Leanne and Andy bravely drived in while I recorded the data, but our skipper, Paul, drive 13 metres to collect seagrass...WOW!!!  It was also when we saw a dugong!! Its big snout came out of the water then it drived back under. It was huge.

CoralReef  View  Bird 
 The area where the Coral Reef is. You had to be careful not to kick the coral with your flippers.  The morning view at breakfast time.  A bird on a channel marker. The bird life here is amazing.