Day 4 - First day

So today has been full of travel and meeting new people. It has also been time to think. Think about all the questions I have. Listening to the conversations of my colleagues and knowing that deep down those conversations need to change (more on that later).


The flight to Brisbane was uneventful except for the awful man behind me that said horrible things about the intellectually disabled boy on the flight who like any child eperiencing flight for the first time cried at take off and landing but for the other 1hr 45min was absolutely fine.  It was a relieve to leave him behind and step out into the warm air, a contrast from the 6 degrees in Melbourne. I met a fellow teacher at the airport and we caught a Taxi to the ferry.  Both the flight and the ferry ride provided some space for thought.

I'm privileged. There are many elements of my privilege that I can't strip. My whiteness. My upbringing. My social status. Flying puts me into a small minority (5%) in the world.  It's a real tension. It is a minority that I want to continue to be a part of but one that I know I just can't justify. Flying always evokes awe. Awe at the world. Awe at my smallness.  Awe at the craved earth, the patchwork of human intervention, human destruction.  A destruction that I know I contribute to.  A destruction I know the people around me know is a problem.  But why don't the conversations go further, go further than rubbish and plastic and the need for more recycling, go further than the amount of top soil lost in flooding (part of the information gained in induction). Why aren't we talking about the structural need/desires for plastic and petroleum, why not the 3% of the earth's surface that is made up of topsoil which is estimated to last us 60 more years at the rate of soil degradation, the big conversations that require to turn inward to our own ideas and ultimately our practices and daily activities.

This has led me to ask - what lengths should we go to in order to research what we intuitively already know? How much empirical proof is enough?