About Shailer Park State High School

Shailer Park State High School is a vibrant school of 756 students situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  In recent years, the school has experienced significant improvement in its academic outcomes in all areas stemming from its key teaching platforms of Reading-to-Learn and Explicit Direct Instruction.

Students at the school are encouraged to have "big plans and bold ambitions" for their future, reflecting our desire to see all students graduate with an engaging and ambitious life pathway.  Shailer Park High has developed a strategic partnership with Griffith University known as NEXUS which represents a concerted attempt to raise students' ambition and enhance their life pathways.  The partnership aims to open students' horizons to the potential of the university experience and encourage more students to take up the university pathway in all its forms. 

The school also has an exciting range of Academy programs, clubs and societies.  The school operates three key Academy programs in Volleyball, Futsal and Dance as well as a broad range of clubs including Chess Club, Vocal Club, Dance Club, Craft Club, Strength and Conditioning Crew and the celebrated Science Ambassadors Club. From the success of the Science Ambassadors Club, Annette Hendrikx (Science Operations Officer and 2016 Peter Doherty Award Winner) is taking the opportunity to be part of some exciting Manta Ray research at Ningaloo Reef in WA, as part of Earthwatch Project Manta.