Earthwatch TeachLive



TeachLive gives teachers the opportunities to take part in research for the good of the planet, while sharing their experience with students through the TeachLive website, where they can post lesson plans, write blogs and hold interactive forums.

Since TeachLive began in 2004, teachers have assisted scientists to:

  • Survey echidnas and goannas in Western Australia
  • Research whale sharks off Ningaloo Reef
  • Investigate the wildlife of the Brazilian Pantanal
  • Scuba dive in search of critical information about the gigantic threatened manta ray
  • Study wildlife and discover new species in the Australian outback and the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia
  • Explore the amazing forest ecosystems of China and Malaysia

We will be running two TeachLive expeditions in 2015:

  • 'Bush Blitz TeachLive', where teachers will travel with scientists to a remote location as part of Australia's largest nature discovery program, to discover new species and collect data that will protect our biodiversity for generations to come. Click here for more information on Bush Blitz TeachLive
  • 'Snorkel for Queensland's Marine Mammals', where teachers and scientists will snorkel, boat and wade in the clear waters of Morton Bay to discover how the rapid urbanisation of Brisbane is impacting on the wildlife and ecology of this vital marine ecosystem. Click here for more information on this exciting new expedition

To find out more about TeachLive, and read the accounts of teachers on past expeditions, see the menu on the left.